Rugby Bee Keepers Association maintain an apiary with a view to assisting the members, particularly new ones, with developing their bee keeping skills.

The apiary needs weekly checks through the swarm season, and regular visits to monitor health, space, stores, health etc. through the rest of the year.

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Tips for the Month:

  • As supers fill and become capped you can remove them and replace with another super, but as the month extends, don’t add new supers unless it appears that the hive is very congested. The brood nest should start to contract now. If you add supers too late in the season you will end with a lot of unripe honey in your supers.

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Tips for the Month:

  • Continue regular, every 7 days, inspections.

  • Be aware that in a season such as we are having you may have more than one swarm from a hive despite having done a split or had a swarm issue from the hive.

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