Tips for the Month:

  • Do varroa treatments if you have not already done so following instructions carefully to prevent a buildup of resistance and remember to record all treatments.

  • Finish feeding by the end of September as when weather is cooler it is difficult for bees to reduce water content sufficiently to store the feed. Feed bees at dusk to reduce robbing. If you have taken off supers and there are not sufficient stores of both honey and pollen available in the hive, you can consider feeding pollen, but in most areas pollen is still available.

  • Continue with reduced entrances to deter wasps.

  • Check for Asian Hornets around the hive. Notify This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a picture if possible.

  • Unite any weak colonies - if they are healthy - to give a better chance of surviving the winter! Select the best queen for temperament, health and productivity.

  • Don’t disturb your colonies now unnecessarily - check for disease and that they have stores but then leave them to prepare for winter