Tips for the Month:

  • Put out Asian Hornet Traps for any queens who have overwintered undetected. Check regularly and release any native species.

  • Move hives to clean floors before they build up too much and become too heavy to lift alone.

  • Ensure at least 2 frames of stores for bees to cope with poor weather for a week. If not feed with strong 1:1 sugar syrup but remove if the weather improves.

  • Once weather warms up begin weekly (every 7days) inspections

  • Prepare for doing artificial swarms by building up frames and making sure you have clean broodboxes, queen excluders and crown boards.

  • Buy in stocks of sugar for feeding bees on new foundation - swarms or swarm prevention splits.

  • Maurice says he does his shook swarm in April before the bees build up too much - do make sure it is warm enough though!


Beebase News Web feed
  • This week (13-19 July) is Bees’ Needs Week
    10 July 2020
    Bees’ Needs Week is a campaign co-ordinated by Defra to raise awareness of the importance of bees and other pollinators, and to provide practical advice on what we can all do to support them. Many organisations are working together to encourage everyone who can, to do simple things at home - like growing more flowers and cutting grass less often - to help our precious pollinators thrive, and to engage further with nature through citizen science initiatives.
    There’s more information on the Bees’ Needs Website. Throughout the week a variety of content will be shared online including:
    • Why bees are important animation
    • Day in the life of a beekeeper video
    • Educational resources including bumble bee identification
    • Information on the UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme
    Get involved with Bees’ Needs Week on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using #BeesNeeds
  • New Presentations Online
    11 June 2020
    The National Bee Unit is pleased to share a range of presentations created by Fera Science Ltd. presented by Kirsty Stainton on;
    Asian Hornet Biology
    Asian Hornet Genetics
    European foulbrood

    The presentations can be found on BeeBases pages on Asian hornet and Foulbrood.
    Please do contact us with your feedback.
    09 April 2020
    Scottish beekeepers; please read the attached information note from Scottish Government.