Tips for the Month:

  • Continue regular, every 7 days, inspections.

  • Be aware that in a season such as we are having you may have more than one swarm from a hive despite having done a split or had a swarm issue from the hive.


  • Carry out swarm control measures when charged queen cells (royal jelly and a larva present) are found. Remember timings 3 days as an egg, 4 as a larva and 8/9 days until hatching.

  • Don't rush to find your bees have not produced a new queen, sometimes they take a week or two to start laying and may only lay a small, hard to see patch of eggs at first.

  • When a top super is ¾ full of bees, add another super. You can remove sealed frames ready for extraction and replace them with empty frames. Store them safely somewhere cool and away from insects like ants or bees until they can be extracted. Contact Steve Martin to book the branch extractor.


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