Tips for the Month:

  • As supers fill and become capped you can remove them and replace with another super, but as the month extends, don’t add new supers unless it appears that the hive is very congested. The brood nest should start to contract now. If you add supers too late in the season you will end with a lot of unripe honey in your supers.


  • Contact Steve Martin to book the branch extractor if you intend to extract.

  • Towards the end of the month, monitor for varroa by putting the inspection board under the hive for a week and then counting the drop. Use the BeeBase calculator to measure if you need to take action to reduce the varroa load.

  • Do a disease check by shaking the bees off the frames and checking the brood carefully. Look for healthy brood and any suspect cells that may be EFB or AFB.

  • Put out sweet bait in Hornet monitoring traps

  • Plan any uniting to be done before your varroa treatments later in the season.