Tips for the Month:

  • Continue 7 day inspections to prevent swarming either through doing a pre-emptive split into a Nuc or second hive, or if queen cells are found, doing a swarm control measure, like Pagden or demaree

  • Ensure the Queen has space to lay in the broodbox

  • Split colonies if you want to make an increase in colonies

  • Open entrances to the wide setting to stop congestion at the hive entrance

  • Add another super when the top one has bees over ¾ frames (super early now to give more space in the broodbox)

  • Remove sealed supers for extraction. Book the branch extractor - Steve Martin is the person to contact.

  • Remove old frames and replace with foundation, or consider doing a shook swarm or Bailey comb change before swarming starts.

  • Check colonies for disease.

  • Ensure bees have access to water near the hives - they like shallow gravel beds.