Tips for the Month:

  • As winter bees will start to be produced in mid to late August, carry out a varroa check to determine levels of infestation and whether you need to treat once you have removed the honey crop.

  • Do a full disease inspection to ensure bees are healthy before preparations for winter.

  • Unite healthy colonies with a new queen

  • Don’t continue to inspect colonies unless you have a reason to do so

  • Ensure that if poor weather occurs that there are sufficient stores for the colony, at least 2 brood frames full, or a super with stores

  • Remove sealed supers or individual frames for extraction. Book the branch extractor - Steve Martin is the person to contact via our Contact Us page (select the option to Request The Branch Extractor) 

  • Ensure bees have access to water near the hives - they like shallow gravel beds

  • Reduce entrances and put up wasp deterrents or traps to prevent wasps invading hives.




Beebase News Web feed
  • BeeBase Email Outage
    18 August 2022
    During the period Midday 12th August to Midday 17th August, some automated emails from BeeBase will not have been sent. 

    Therefore, if you did not receive an email when expected please re-submit your request. 

    Some systems affected included:
    • Password reset emails
    • Username reminders

    All emails are now being processed as normal
  • Advice Note - Wasps
    12 August 2022
    Many beekeepers are reporting the presence of large numbers of wasps in apiaries and around their bee hives. Please refer to the National Bee Unit factsheet on how to manage wasps: Wasp facts.

    Mae llawer o wenynwyr yn cofnodi presenoldeb nifer enfawr o wenyn meirch mewn gwenynfeydd ac o amgylch eu cychod gwenyn. Cyfeiriwch at daflen ffeithiau yr Uned Wenyn Genedlaethol ar sut i ddelio â gwenyn meirch: Ffeithiau gwenyn.

  • Interception of Honey Bee Queens at Dover
    08 August 2022
    The NBU were called to a consignment of queen bees that were being imported through Dover Port without the Health Certificate. This led to action being taken resulting in the Queen bees being humanely destroyed.

    Information on how to legally import honey bee Queens can be found on the imports/ export page at