Tips for the Month:

  • As winter bees will start to be produced in mid to late August, carry out a varroa check to determine levels of infestation and whether you need to treat once you have removed the honey crop.

  • Do a full disease inspection to ensure bees are healthy before preparations for winter.

  • Unite healthy colonies with a new queen

  • Don’t continue to inspect colonies unless you have a reason to do so

  • Ensure that if poor weather occurs that there are sufficient stores for the colony, at least 2 brood frames full, or a super with stores

  • Remove sealed supers or individual frames for extraction. Book the branch extractor - Steve Martin is the person to contact via our Contact Us page (select the option to Request The Branch Extractor) 

  • Ensure bees have access to water near the hives - they like shallow gravel beds

  • Reduce entrances and put up wasp deterrents or traps to prevent wasps invading hives.