Tips for the Month:

  • Don’t be tempted to open the hive for the next few months, but check what you can from the exterior - take out the varroa tray and inspect it for signs of activity, in good weather see if the bees are taking evacuation flights (getting rid of waste matter in their rectum).

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Tips for the Month:

  • There used to be an old custom of putting a block of fondant feed on the hives as a Christmas present for the bees. If you made sure your bees had 40 lbs of stores in Autumn they should be OK without a Christmas present, but being generous never hurt.

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Tips for the Month:

  • Secure the roofs of your hives with a brick or strap the broodbox and lid together as a precaution against the strong winds we are having, also, should they be knocked over by animals or people, this will protect the bees.

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