Tips for the Month:
  • There used to be an old custom of putting a block of fondant feed on the hives as a Christmas present for the bees.  If you made sure your  bees had 40 lbs of stores in Autumn they should be OK without a Christmas present, but being generous never hurt.
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Tips for the Month:
  • Make sure your mouse guards are in place, or at least reduce entrances to 1 bee space.  Mice can get through incredibly small holes by turning their heads sidewards and their bodies are quite flexible, so ⅜ inch is suggested, or use a mouse guard.
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Tips for the Month:
  • Continue to assess the winter stores, you should have finished feeding syrup, although if the weather remains mild you can continue towards the end of the month - until the bees start to form their winter cluster, after which fondant or candy should be used..
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Tips for the Month:
  • Do a disease check on all your colonies. Check adult bees for signs of deformed wing virus, black and shiny bees or trembling bees, then shake bees from brood combs and carefully inspect for brood diseases.  If you are concerned, either contact a more experienced beekeeper for a second opinion, or contact the bee inspectors - contact details in your copy of Warwickshire Beekeeper.
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Tips for the Month:
  • Continue with your varroa treatments - remember the thymol based treatments are most effective when the temperatures outside are above 15 degrees, but if you have been delayed in treating, they are still effective at lower temperatures.  A shallow eke will intensify the fumes which are what affect the mites and remember to put your varroa boards in and count the drop.
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