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Well it has been a busy month for Honey shows and for those brave souls who have put in entries and received awards.

Congratulations also to those six people who gained their Basic Beekeeping Assessment certificates and badge: Fran Payne, Tim Belk, Gillian Berridge, Andrea Clark, Hayley Kenney, Martin Wibberley. This is a recognition that they are on the road to becoming good beekeepers and means they can continue their education through the BBKA modules or general husbandry route. With this ‘driving licence’ they are now safe on the road (and in the Apiary)!

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As the days shorten the active beekeeping season comes to an end, but really this is the start of the next beekeeping season as if we have healthy well fed bees going into winter they will have a good start next spring to build up to strong colonies once the warmer weather arrives.

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Our Summer social went off well this year with old and new beekeepers sharing lovely food; the weather was kind - no rain, no extreme temperatures, and Rowan once again provided a bright cherry red marquee to give it a festive edge.

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Well, this summer is certainly breaking all the records for hot dry weather. My bees suffered from the long cold winter and were much weaker than usual at the start of the season, but this long stretch of dry warm weather has meant they have been out foraging every day and the result is that they have all built up into strong colonies.

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As one dry warm day followed another in June after the long, severe winter which extended to the end of April, it seemed that at last good fortune was smiling on our bees, allowing them to fly and forage to their heart’s content week after week. The only drawback is that when the weather is so dry, plants don’t provide as much nectar and the bees are therefore having to still work hard to bring in their honey stores.

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