Spring Revelations

Dear Member

As we come up to the end of the calendar year please remember to send Sam your BBKA membership renewal.  Insurance is always a prickly subject as you are paying for something you hope will never happen, but if it does you will be relieved that you had the foresight to plan for the fact that it may happen. 

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Honey Show Entrants

Dear Member

Well, Rugby hosted another successful Honey Show this year with Fran Payne co-ordinating it for the first time.  While we missed Bruce Roberts and Pauline Young who for many years have set the standard at our shows, Steve Brown and Rowan are stepping up to the plate.

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Gerry Collins M.Sc. B.Sc PGCE NDB

Dear Member

During a recent visit to the Moravian wine and fruit growing area of the Czech Republic I came across beehives in several locations There were usually about 10 hives, some looking fairly tatty, and others in good condition. 

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Dear Member

I need to bring to your attention two changes to our regular meetings at the Friends Meeting House. Unfortunately David Bonner is not able to join us in September, and we have made a decision to move the December meeting to the first week in December to avoid meeting so close to Christmas when many people have commitments. Please check our Events Page for the dates of meetings and events.

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Dear Member

Hopefully many of you will be in the throes of extracting and processing honey from your hives. Remember we have a Honey Show coming up on the 7th October so think about putting aside some of your best honey to show off. This will be Fran Payne’s first Honey show so let’s all make sure we all try to enter something to make it a success.

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Beebase News Web feed
  • Asian hornet confirmed in the Ascot area of Berkshire
    08 October 2021
    A beekeeper in the Ascot area of Berkshire filmed live insects near a hive, photographed a dead Vespa velutina and reported the sighting using the using the ‘Asian hornet Watch' app.

    Further information regarding the Asian hornet can be found on our Asian hornet page of BeeBase and on Defra's news page. Please direct all media enquiries to the Defra Press Office: 0330 0416560
  • Implementation Plan Published
    04 October 2021
    A new implementation plan has been published which sets out how Defra and the Welsh Government will work together with stakeholders to deliver the Healthy Bees Plan 2030 to improve honey bee health and husbandry in England & Wales.

    More than fifty actions have been developed in partnership with industry and stakeholders for beekeepers, bee farmers, bee associations and government to work on together, to protect honey bees from a variety of pests, diseases and environmental threats over the next 10 years.

    Healthy Bees Plan 2030 Implementation 

    Healthy Bees Plan 2030 Implementation - Welsh Version

  • Seasonal Bee Inspector (SBI) vacancy
    23 September 2021
    The National Bee Unit currently has a Seasonal Bee Inspector (SBI) vacancy advertised in:

    •  East England: Norfolk.
    •  North West England: West Yorkshire.
    •  North East Wales: Flintshire, Denbighshire & Wrexham.
    •  Mid-South Wales: Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Merthyr Tydfil.

    If you are interested in applying for these jobs, full details can be found on Civil Service Jobs 

    If you have any questions regarding the position, please contact the Regional Bee Inspector for the area.