Dear Member

As I write this there is an icy wind blowing from the North East bringing freezing temperatures and the threat of more snow. If hives are in the open or unsheltered, wind chill can present real problems, lowering temperatures in the hive.

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Dear Member

Well, as this is the beginning of another year, I hope you all had an enjoyable festive season and that 2018 will prove to be a happy and productive year for you (and your bees).

Can I remind you that the date of our February meeting at the Friends’ Meeting House has been changed to the fourth Wednesday i.e. 28nd February

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Spring Revelations

Dear Member

As we come up to the end of the calendar year please remember to send Sam your BBKA membership renewal.  Insurance is always a prickly subject as you are paying for something you hope will never happen, but if it does you will be relieved that you had the foresight to plan for the fact that it may happen. 

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Honey Show Entrants

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Well, Rugby hosted another successful Honey Show this year with Fran Payne co-ordinating it for the first time.  While we missed Bruce Roberts and Pauline Young who for many years have set the standard at our shows, Steve Brown and Rowan are stepping up to the plate.

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Gerry Collins M.Sc. B.Sc PGCE NDB

Dear Member

During a recent visit to the Moravian wine and fruit growing area of the Czech Republic I came across beehives in several locations There were usually about 10 hives, some looking fairly tatty, and others in good condition. 

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Beebase News Web feed
  • New Appointments within the National Bee Unit
    14 January 2022
    We are pleased to announce the temporary appointment of Dhonn Atkinson as the National Bee Inspector (NBI) whilst the current NBI Cristina Ruiz is on maternity leave. Dhonn has held a variety of roles across the National Bee Unit and Animal and Plant Health Agency where he held the role of Regional Bee Inspector for the North East of England.

    Following the retirement of Keith Morgan, Colin Pavey, and shortly Frank Gellatly and the temporary promotion of Sandra Gray, we are pleased to confirm the following movements and appointments:-

    Regional Bee Inspector for Western England – Jonathan Axe has been promoted from the role of Seasonal Bee Inspector.

    Regional Bee Inspector for Eastern England - Pete Davies, an experienced manager has moved from the Central England Region.

    Regional Bee Inspector for Central England - John Geden. John joins the National Bee Unit as an experienced bee farmer.

    Regional Bee Inspector for South East – Daniel Etheridge a seasonal bee inspector has been offered a temporary promotion to manage this area.

    Regional Bee Inspector for Wales – Maggie Gill has been promoted from the role of Seasonal Bee Inspector.

    Regional Bee Inspector for North East England – David Bough a seasonal bee inspector has been offered a temporary promotion to manage this area.

    For full up to date details please visit the contacts page
  • Seasonal Bee Inspector (SBI) vacancies
    21 December 2021
    The National Bee Unit currently has a Seasonal Bee Inspector (SBI) vacancy advertised in:

    East England: Norfolk.

    North East England: East Yorkshire

    Mid-South Wales: Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Merthyr Tydfil, South Pembrokeshire, West Carmarthenshire

    West England: South East Shropshire, South Staffordshire, North West Worcestershire

    If you are interested in applying for these jobs, full details can be found on Civil Service Jobs

    If you have any questions regarding the position, please contact the Regional Bee Inspector for the area.

    Closing date for application: 16th January 2022
  • Bee Health Advisory Forum - Science Advisor
    08 November 2021
    The Bee Health Advisory Forum brings Defra & Welsh Government policy and stakeholders together to discuss honey bee health issues and is inviting expressions of interest from applicants interested in being Bee Health Advisory Forum Science Advisors. The closing date for applications is Friday 17th December at 17:00.

    Full details about the role can be downloaded here and can be found on the Bee Health Advisory page. Please circulate to prospective advisors or feel free to apply.