You can find a great variety of beekeeping videos on the internet. Here are some that we like.

If you have found any particularly good ones, please let us know about them.


A Basic Honey Bee Colony Inspection By David and Marjorie Blower

A Basic Colony Inspection


Lighting A Smoker By David Bonner


Hive Tools - Choice and Use By David Bonner


Render Wax From Brood And Super Frames By David Bonner


Filtering Wax After Rendering From Frames By David Bonner


Boiling Brood And Super Frames By David Bonner


Fitting Fresh Foundation Into Clean/Boiled Frames By David Bonner


Filtering / Straining Honey By David Bonner


Jarring Runny Honey By David Bonner



Seeding Honey To Make Soft Set By David Bonner



Queen Rearing In A Queenright Colony By David Bonner



Preparing A Nosema Slide By David Bonner



Freshening Stale Foundation By David Bonner



Making A Frame  From Flat Pack By David Bonner



Filtering Wax For Candles, Polish, Lotions etc. By David Bonner



Making Candles By David Bonner




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  • BeeBase Email Outage
    18 August 2022
    During the period Midday 12th August to Midday 17th August, some automated emails from BeeBase will not have been sent. 

    Therefore, if you did not receive an email when expected please re-submit your request. 

    Some systems affected included:
    • Password reset emails
    • Username reminders

    All emails are now being processed as normal
  • Advice Note - Wasps
    12 August 2022
    Many beekeepers are reporting the presence of large numbers of wasps in apiaries and around their bee hives. Please refer to the National Bee Unit factsheet on how to manage wasps: Wasp facts.

    Mae llawer o wenynwyr yn cofnodi presenoldeb nifer enfawr o wenyn meirch mewn gwenynfeydd ac o amgylch eu cychod gwenyn. Cyfeiriwch at daflen ffeithiau yr Uned Wenyn Genedlaethol ar sut i ddelio â gwenyn meirch: Ffeithiau gwenyn.

  • Interception of Honey Bee Queens at Dover
    08 August 2022
    The NBU were called to a consignment of queen bees that were being imported through Dover Port without the Health Certificate. This led to action being taken resulting in the Queen bees being humanely destroyed.

    Information on how to legally import honey bee Queens can be found on the imports/ export page at